Welcome to Earthmoon.org  As we learn more about our planet and its biological infrastructure we can appreciate how we depend on every part of the natural world to survive. The earth-moon system gave us life and we live deep within the earth system, not separate from it. Anything that hurts the natural environment hurts us. We breathe the same air that we pollute with toxic fumes, the water cycle is becoming slowly contaminated with man-made chemicals in the rainwater, the oceans, and now increasingly in our blood. There is no way to separate what we do from what we are to become. So we need to raise our consciousness whenever possible and take some responsibility for the actions of ourselves and our fellow human beings. Each one of us makes a difference now and for all generations to come. All living things on this planet are impacted by human activity. So each one of us has a duty to protect and serve the earth and all our fellow earthlings. There are a million ways to make our home a better and safer place to live. So please respect our mother nature and try to be of service to her in any way you can.